ct world tai chi day

Saturday April 25,  Colchester Town Green, Colchester. CT World Tai Chi Day Begins at 10AM

This CT world Tai Chi Day event is an opportunity where some of the most prominent, and some of the most anonymous tai chi schools in CT, come together for the purpose of presenting these free tai chi classes in CT, and to share the day with each other. Be sure and check out the directory of tai chi schools in CT.  CT World Tai Chi Day begins with a massive tai chi demonstration, and is an opportunity to participate in free Tai Chi Classes, and free Qigong Classes provided by masters, experts, enthusiasts, and other students, and to help generate a healing wave of energy around the globe.

Master Tai Chi and Qigong instructors from the area volunteer their time to create a memorable day of demonstrations and free lessons during CT World Tai Chi Day. The event was set on Long Island Sound at Waterford Beach. Hundreds participated and enjoyed the warming weather at this serene setting.

Nothing says it like a picture: Here’s to 30 pictures per second!!!

Thanks to Don Burch…this video captures the spirit and the intent.

See More CT World Tai Chi Day video at this link:  Video  We have a nice collection of videos from previous years, but we are also missing five events.  If you have video from CT world tai chi day events held in:   2000  2001  2003  2006  2010 would you please consider sharing them with us?

We Were Pioneers! After a few emails back and forth between Bill Douglas and Laddie Sacharko in Dec 1998, Laddie persuaded some T’ai Chi friends in joining together to create the CT World Tai Chi Day Event which later grew, and grew some more.  Not knowing at all what would transpire, trusting and letting go into the Tao, we shouldered the risks, invested our time and money, and worked hard to build the trust and confidence of the teachers who have annually celebrated with us. With the tradition established, an institution well founded: others will follow and reinvent it over and over again.