2012 World Tai Chi Day Video

Fourteenth Annual

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Hello everyone:

I’m Retired from the Navy, and currently attending school in Waterbury working towards a Music degree. I live in Bristol, and I have just begun a Tai-Chi Meet-up group to have regular group meetings at local park. I studied Tai-Chi for many years under Master Bruce Walker in West Haven, Ct. Since he retired I have been working on my own, as well as having MANY surgeries to repair damage done to my body while in the Navy (ie) feet, shoulders, knees, back, so for me, Tai-Chi is ALL about health and rehabilitation after surgery. I am currently taking classes with Sifu David Ritchie in Meriden and I am enjoying it immensely. I had tried many times before, but always ended up having surgery before I could complete his short form. Well no more surgeries for me, only health and improvement through Tai-Chi. I look forward to meeting new friends and enjoying a day of Tai-Chi and Qigong.

Walter Bruce
Dragons Wing Tai-Chi & Qigong
Bristol, Ct.

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